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Guidelines For Citizen’s Band Radio Station License

Citizens’ Band radio, also referred to as CB radio, supports short range radio communications between individuals on a number of channels in the 27 MHz band that are provided for shared use.  CB may be used for personal use but there are no expectations or requirements in respect of quality of service as the service is un-protected.  Only one station may transmit at a time and other stations must wait for the shared channel to become available.

Annex A to these guidelines provides the templates of the licenses alongwith the specific terms and conditions and technical schedule(s).

Annex B to these guidelines provides the application processing procedure.

Annex C to these guidelines provides application form to be used for license applications, modifications, renewals or cancellations.  The application form describes the information and any documents that need to be provided for the application to be processed. 

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    Guidelines for Citizens Band Radio Station License.pdf