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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Doha – Qatar

MOT’s “Qatar Access Management Guidelines” 2nd Workshop Concludes

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The Ministry of Transport today held a second stakeholder workshop on the Qatar Access Management Guidelines (QAMG) project. The workshop was attended by representatives of several government entities and agencies, consultancy firms and strategic partners.

The workshop featured an overview of the QAMG, its components, and latest updates on the work completed to date, including the QAMG’s standards, policies, regulations, and permitting procedures.

Stakeholders in attendance have shared valuable feedback and views, which will help enhance the objectives of the QAMG; higher traffic safety, easier and safer access, and mobility for users of means of transportation on local roads, highways, and expressways, and between the public roadway system and adjacent land development projects, including redevelopment.

The primary objective of the QAMG project is to update the current access management chapter of the Qatar Highway Design Manual (QHDM 2020). It also aims at providing direction to local government entities, consultants, developers, and planners with relation to access management in the future in a way that meets regional and international best practices. The project also aims at providing uniformity related to the management of both permanent and temporary access within the State of Qatar and promoting traffic safety at access locations across the country.

The MOT believes the cooperation and support from the stakeholders and strategic partners at the workshop is definitely contributing to achieving the objectives and goals of the project.